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Services we offer

In today’s challenging business landscape, we understand the inconvenience and consequences of machinery downtime, and hence the need for cost effective, quality and speedy repair works.

Our repair team is trained to provide excellent and reliable service to ensure business continuity, be it on-site or in our workshop, supported by a good inventory of original ABUS spare parts ensure the safety and quality of our products. Our facilities and equipments also include special support and test systems that can effectively test for malfunctions in today’s increasingly complex and sophisticated heavy machinery.

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Type of Services Provided
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Service and Maintenance Agreement
  • Servicing and Re-winding of all types of motors
  • Load-Testing and Visual Inspection of all cranes and hoists; complete with PE Certification according to MOM regulations
  • 24 hours Breakdown Notice
  • Crane Modification and Upgrading
  • Crane relocation
Repair and Maintenance
  • Lower your maintenance costs through scheduled routine checks and servicing
  • Extend your equipment’s life span
  • Decrease the risk of injuries and property damages due to equipment failures
  • Reduce unanticipated breakdowns and maintain smooth production
  • Need for repairs can be detected during the routine maintenance, which in turn helps your company save costs as it prevents unnecessary downtime and replacement of parts originally not damaged.
  • With your crane maintained regularly, your personnel will then be able to work with an ease of mind
Service and Maintenance Agreement

We offer service and maintenance programs to all our preferred customers to help you save as you will be able to enjoy unbeatable low rates for Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Breakdown Service, Ad-Hoc Services as well as Workshop Repairs. The Service & Maintenance Agreement is given to you for FREE. Don’t wait! Simply request Cimmerian Crane for one now.

Servicing and Re-winding of All Types of Motors
  • Prevent accidents and maintain safe operations
  • Avoid interruptions in production
  • Extend the life of cranes and ensure that they operate at peak efficiency throughout their service life
  • Identify potential problems before they become more costly to address
  • Reduce overheads costs
  • Enable maintenance to be scheduled during planned downtimes
  • Reduce downtime by allowing maintenance to be completed during scheduled downtimes
  • Give in-house maintenance personnel time to focus attention on other production machinery
  • To ensure the crane’s safety by always fulfilling the latest regulations and requirements
  • Equipment & machinery classification updates
  • Sophisticated drives & control systems offer the highest possible positioning accuracy
  • Boost the safety operation & trustworthiness of your crane with long-term modernization options
  • Better visibility & control of the crane’s load boosts safety
  • Next generation components are used to replace old, worn-out parts
  • Parts are available through an efficient global service & distribution network
  • Top performance by trustworthy & comprehensive modernization solutions
  • Smaller loss of valuable production time as well as lower maintenance costs
Load Testing and Visual Inspection

Performing Visual Inspections and Load-Test works by a Certified PE on your crane is a mandatory step by the Ministry of Manpower. All cranes and hoists must be Visually Inspected annually; and Load-Tested at 125% of capacity every four (4) years before they are allowed to operate officially. These inspections help ensure that your crane is performing well within the safety tolerances set by the manufacturer and Statutory Board, thus helping to improve safety and prolong the cranes lifespan. Understanding such significant mandatory steps that have to be met requires a certain high level of expertise; and we are here to provide you a one-time or a regular inspection for the sustainability of your crane

24 Hours Breakdown Notice

We provide 24hrs ad-hoc services because there are many industries that operate around the clock and minimizing downtime is key to such businesses. Cimmerian understands this and therefore responds within 2 hours from time of activation to ensure that you have the necessary support and assurance, giving you a faster turnaround times and less downtime.

Crane Modification and Upgrading

There are a variety of reasons on why Crane Modifications and Upgrading is more viable than to discard and purchase new systems. Below are a few such reasons:

  • Modernization and upgrading do increases a cranes’ lifespan
  • Using preexisting components and steel structures saves material
  • New more efficient next generation components are used to replace old, worn-out parts
  • Parts are available through an efficient global service & distribution network
  • Top performance by trustworthy & comprehensive modernization solutions
  • Smaller loss of valuable production time as well as lower maintenance costs
  • Testing and planning programs for modernizations
  • Complete machinery and electric systems
  • ABUS standard products to minimize shutdown time
  • At a much lower price than that of a new crane, crane modernization can update out-of-date cranes thus minimizing costs and be more ‘green’
  • Up-to-date crane control methods are available
  • Flexible & quick spare parts supply
  • Analysis & inspections for cranes, regardless of type & manufacturer
  • Dedication to help our customers’ business by boosting productivity & lowering downtime
  • Professionalism to schedule and carry out the modernization projects economically & appropriately
  • Equipment operating for more than 10 years is more likely to breakdown and cost more to maintain and repair. Thus, crane upgrading and modification becomes a more affordable and viable solution.
  • Equipment being used beyond the original design duty, thus requiring complete overhauling and major repairs
  • Equipment that may have been constantly overloaded, thus requiring major repairs which sometimes are economically not viable
  • Whenever it is recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer
Crane Relocation
  • Ability, experience, and past performance record of Cimmerian Crane
  • Sufficient planning and preparation are conducted professionally, safely and economically
  • Speed of operations with minimal disruptions to terminal operations
  • In-depth safety procedures and precautions used by Cimmerian Crane
  • Risk Management Policy of Cimmerian Crane